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Dear Church: Now is the Time.

Reading: John 17

Prayer: Father, teach us what it truly means to be one with You and one with each other. Daily Challenge: What action can you take today, whether a tiny step or a huge leap, to promote Oneness with "The Church" in your life?

As the events of Charlottesville, VA unfolded this past weekend, our country was rocked by horrifying, extreme racism in plain sight. The white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and KKK are fueled by self-pride and hatred toward anyone who looks different than them. Anyone opposing this group can seem heroic - and many are, but the most extreme opposing groups seem to engage in actions that fuel more hatred. So what should be done?
Church, lets open our eyes and see the role and hope we have in this ugly state of affairs.

Are we awake now?
"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for …

Obedience Turned Into Blessings

Reading: Ruth 4
Prayer: Father, transform us - even in our brokenness. Help us to have a glimpse of Your faithfulness, especially at times when it seems everything is falling apart.
Daily Challenge: Consider a time when you selflessly served in a difficult situation. Did you experience the blessings? If not, what may be a delayed/unknown result or blessing?

Today is Mother's Day. I have two amazing children in my home, and I have two amazing children that reside in heaven along with my own mother. This reality always leaves Mother's Day feeling a little "off".
I found myself engulfed in a variety of roles involving parents and parenting this week...
I have been deeply involved in caring for some older friends who were never able to have children of their own, but they have, for years loved on us as if we were indeed born to them.Hyun has been sick all week and NOT sleeping... Mommy duties were in high demand.My Dad and I, who are very close, had a hurtful conflict to wor…

Is it too much?

As the Tardis twisted and turned, the children squealed with delight.  This device, based off of Dr. Who's time travel machine, deposited 8 children into the 1700's where they were challenged to move a variety of house hold items across the "Wild Wild West" on horseback.  In reality, the "Tardis" was two boxes connected together, latched to a dolly so we could move them around, and the Wild Wild West was a bunch of blankets laid out in our back yard.  The horses?  Well, each child had to be a horse on all 4's while another child rode on their back.

We just celebrated Reese's 9th birthday... it was phenomenal...  I'm sure that Ron and I had as much fun as the kids.  For the past 4 years, we have created Super Hero Training Camps, Jedi Training Academies, Detective/Mystery Challenges, and now a Time Travel Adventure where the kids built a robot, visited multiple time frames in history (Wild West and Gold Rush) and future (asteroids destroying the…

The Screaming Clock

Reading: Psalm 46

Prayer: Lord, please teach us what it means to be still and truly know that You are God - a God that is doing things that we can surely never accomplish on our own.
Daily Challenge: What, if anything, is a constant frustration and eats up your time? Consider whether you need to make changes to alleviate the issue, or, if not, then consider how God might be working in the situation.

"Grrr.... I have things to do," I grumble in my head.

Our 3 year old, recently adopted son, Hyun, fell asleep at a strange time, and he is on the couch rather than the bed.  When I go to move him off the couch, he begins screaming and crying as if he is having a nightmare, so rather than move him, I just lean back on the couch and lay him on my chest.

Sounds nice, doesn't it?  I typically frantically work during nap time to get things checked off my "to-do" list.

I can see our clock from where I sit...


The clock moves from 11:45, 11:46, 11:47...


Jesus Exposed at a Discount Bread Store!

Reading: Acts 4:1-31  Prayer: Lord, help us to speak boldly of all You've done!  Daily Challenge: See end of devotion ----------------------------------------------------------- My Grandma Doris was a short, spunky woman who could light up a room with her sweet spirit and amazing stories.  She and my grandfather lived in Amarillo, TX where I grew up, but they also owned a small ranch in a tiny South TX town where she had been raised.  This small, one-horse town, doesn’t seem to offer much at first glance - a single post office, some small hills, a few trees and no industry, but traversing the town with my grandmother would quickly change the spirit of any passerby.  She had a story to tell, a story of how she had run up that tree at a young age which saved her from a wild animal, how she had painted that fence post with a family friend, or the open field in which her father taught her lessons during the great depression.  Some stories were funny, some very personal, and some had seemi…

The Fourth Gift

Since we planned to travel to Texas that Christmas in 2011, we did the "gift-opening"/"special dinner" portion of our celebration on Saturday, December 17th.  Each of us had opened our three gifts we traditionally share each Christmas... Jesus got three gifts from the wise men, so each person in our house also gets three gifts.  As wrapping paper was getting cleaned up, Ron snuck away and reappeared with a FOURTH gift!  Upon opening it, I found a beautiful figurine of a mother holding not one but two little boys in celebration of our son Elliot that would be coming into the world any day.

Fast forward to Friday, December 23, 2011...

The drive home from the hospital was long and quiet.  I no longer had recollection of the previous Saturday, Sunday or Monday - it was somehow lost, never to be found amongst the grief and trauma of our son Elliot passing away, giving birth to him, and holding his sweet little body that produced no tears or no dirty diapers.  As we walk…

Practical Ideas for Joy-Filled Change

Transitioning from "career woman" to something that has its own acronym - SAHM (stay at home mom) has its definite challenges.  Rarely do changes come one at a time for any family - in the last 6 months we have experienced many big changes - a newly adopted 3 year old, father moving here from out of state, change in ministry, etc.

I would like to share some practical ideas regarding joy-filled transitions for families - some of these things we did intentionally, some we stumbled into, and others we didn't do, but wished we had!

Wake Up Early (Yes...Even Earlier!)

“In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.” Psalm 5:3 Many people just cringed!  Honestly, this habit does not have to be early in the morning, but this is the absolute most important tip - find time to yourself when you can shut out ALL distractions - children, husband, phone, social media, cooking, cleaning, projects. 

First and foremost, dev…