Obedience Turned Into Blessings

Reading: Ruth 4

Prayer: Father, transform us - even in our brokenness. Help us to have a glimpse of Your faithfulness, especially at times when it seems everything is falling apart.

Daily Challenge: Consider a time when you selflessly served in a difficult situation. Did you experience the blessings? If not, what may be a delayed/unknown result or blessing?

Today is Mother's Day. I have two amazing children in my home, and I have two amazing children that reside in heaven along with my own mother. This reality always leaves Mother's Day feeling a little "off".

I found myself engulfed in a variety of roles involving parents and parenting this week...
  • I have been deeply involved in caring for some older friends who were never able to have children of their own, but they have, for years loved on us as if we were indeed born to them.
  • Hyun has been sick all week and NOT sleeping... Mommy duties were in high demand.
  • My Dad and I, who are very close, had a hurtful conflict to work through.
This week as I've been inadequately fulfilling these roles, I have been reminded of God's love for me and His faithfulness in all things. 

The book of Ruth tells of a woman who is deeply committed to serving and loving her Mother-In-Law (Naomi) after the death of her Father-In-Law and her husband. She even followed Naomi back to her home land Judah, which was likely not a very welcoming place to Ruth because of her Moabite heritage.

Through Ruth's selfless acts, three things occurred:
  1. Naomi was transformed from emptiness to fullness.
  2. Ruth was blessed with a husband in Judah, and became a mother to Obed.
  3. Obed was the grandfather of King David - which means that Ruth is in the lineage of Jesus Christ!
Ruth had the blessing and privilege of experiencing two of these things, but during her time on earth she had no idea that God would bring Jesus through her blood line. 

Through my own personal obedience to humility, love, and service - God has blessing upon blessing in store for me and those whom I get to serve, and the blessings go far beyond what I can imagine or consider. How will my love of Christ and His people impact my great, great, great, great grandchildren?

I pray that my love for Dad, my In-Laws and my friends whom I'm serving right now will resonate Christ's beauty and faithfulness. May they not see me at all, but that they will see the one who has restored and equipped me despite all my inadequacies, stumbling of words and actions. As for my children and all the kiddos that are within my influence - that I will never be a stumbling block for them to see and know Christ. May I be intentional in loving them and reiterating God's amazing plan for their lives.

And as for my Mom, Elliot and Livvy - I'm incredibly jealous of what they are experiencing at the feet of the Father today. No more pain, sorrow or suffering. Apart from missing them so much, this is the greatest hope for any Mother - that her children get to experience such joy and peace.

Thank You, Father, for the joy and peace You have given me, and I know You are faithful.  


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